• 👨‍💻  ceo of heavy metal
  • 🤖  10+ years managing products and people
  • 🏋️‍♂️  led interactive fitness @ beachbody
  • 👨‍🏫  4+ years teaching entrepreneurship and product management @ GA, UCLA, MSU, Utah (soon: online)
  • 👨‍🔬  deep expertise in behavioral design & early stage consumer technology
  • 🚀 co-founder of the foundry, a student-led startup incubator @ Utah DESB

happy little pixels

i taught an AI to paint like bob ross // website • twitter • instagram • nft

interactive fitness at beachbody

after helping beachbody's digital transformation to video streaming, i was responsible for our follow-up act: interactive fitness. i led this initiative from concept, through R&D, to launch and numerous co-marketing and earned media opportunities with Apple.

curriculum vitae


Travis Corrigan is the founder and CEO of Heavy Metal, a behavioral design and product consultancy specializing in early-stage consumer technology - working with VC-backed and Fortune 500 clients to bring new products to market or when their growth has hit the wall and nothing seems to work.

Prior to starting Heavy Metal, Travis was the former Director of Product Management at Beachbody's Digital Fitness division in Santa Monica, CA. He joined in 2014 and was founding employee of the new digital division that launched video streaming and interactive fitness across web, mobile, tablet, OTT, and wearables, growing from a team of 6 to 120 and $0-$120m/year.

At Beachbody, Travis initially operated in a product strategy role - wearing multiple hats across user research, data science, M&A, and special projects supporting the launch of 7 streaming products in 18 months.

Later, Travis transitioned to a formal product management role, leading a product squad of 9, including 2 direct reports, to launch and grow Beachbody's Apple portfolio into a $12M/yr business in under two years. Here, he incubated and launched Beachbody's early interactive fitness experiences across mobile, watch, tablet, TV-streaming, and wearables - garnering numerous prominent features and earned media from Apple, including Apple's Fall Keynote.

He has 10 years of experience conducting 1200 user interviews in the service of incubating, launching, and growing multi-app consumer experiences and managing distributed teams for VC-backed startups and Fortune 500 companies - strongly indexing on his behavioral research background to excavate novel, actionable breakthroughs.

For over 4 years, he has taught entrepreneurship and research-driven product management at General Assembly, UCLA, Michigan State, and the University of Utah.