Significant Inputs

Things that matter.

Initial Conditions - While your starting point isn't exactly a life sentence, it has a major influence on the odds.

How you react to change - You can easily understand the inner workings of a person, a team, or a company by the way they react to change.

80/20 - 20% of all inputs contribute to 80% of the outputs. Ignore useless information.

Fact checking - We have the entirety of human knowledge in our pockets, we should make better use of it before we write that next tweet.

Recognizing patterns - It applies as much to art as it does to science. Learning to recognize patterns in different contexts and environments simultaneously release you from - and opens you to - the world.

Slow down, breathe, take a look around - The only one screaming at you is you.. and your amygdala.. and your hippocampus.

Objectivity is a false idol - The art of life is being able to hedge effectively against the dominant subjectivity running the moment and being able to sense when the subjectivity shifts.

You have permission to dream - By way of evolution or creation, you are the most advanced piece of biological machinery ever assembled. Take pride in it. Honor it by continuously improving your ability to contribute to others and discovering what makes you happy.