Some stuff I've done.

The Foundry

Open-sourced incubator sponsored by the University of Utah. We found that precision execution and peer mentorship accomplishes far more than resources. Over the time that I was actively involved in the community, Foundry companies generated roughly $12M in revenues based on $100k investment in space, food and whiteboard pens.

Fast Company

TV Spot on the Local News

Foundry Armenia

Research Accelerator

My most recent startup before my current gig at Frequency Group. Co-founded with my friend, Gary Jense we provided custom data solutions to academics. I got paid to learn a lot about Venture Capital, Corporate Venture Capital, and the intersection of neuroscience and entreprenuership. We even got an award.

Dash & Cooper

My first company. I thought it would be interesting to try my hand at haberdashery, mass customization and China all at once. Needless to say I bit off more than I could chew. But hey, life is more interesting that way. And I got to walk away with a couple of great-looking shirts.