Partner, Frequency Group.

I'm a Partner at Frequency Group - a Santa-Monica based consulting firm that specializes in helping corporations establish product-market fit for new and existing products. We do this by identifying and quantifying market demand and breaking the product development process into a series of terse, lightweight experiments. We increase the odds of success using the scientific method and treating the market as our laboratory.

I lead Frequency Group's product organization and am responsible for creating breakthroughs for our clients. This includes working with business intelligence teams to find hidden opportunities in their data and quantify demand, leading prototyping efforts, guiding client teams through the product-market fit process and designing the product-business interface.

Additionally, I act as "Keeper of the Technology" for Frequency's IP, continuously improving our process and its theoretical underpinnings. This also includes leading our curriculum development initiatives aimed at helping teams adopt and internalize our process.

Before Frequency Group, I helped found and administrate The Foundry, a startup incubator at the University of Utah.

I'm a sucker for gelatto, road cycling and cyclocross. I'm also known to nerd out on academic research covering entrepreneurship, psychology, neuroscience and sociology. In the future I hope to pick up surfing and learn to cook something more respectable than cold cereal.